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Title: Magical Little Secret
Rating: R
Fandom: Yugioh DM
Summary: To others, Kaiba denys that magic exists. But Kaiba has a dark secret, a secret even Mokuba doesn't know -- he's a sorcerer. One night Kaiba tries a new spell, but something goes wrong. Kaiba accidentally summons two spirits from the afterlife -- Pharaoh Atemu and High Priest Seto. Meanwhile, Atemu holds a deep secret that may threaten his relationship with Seth...
Warnings: Will contain Yaoi (Yami x Yugi, Kaiba x Yami, Seth x Kaiba, Seth x Atemu, Seth x Yami, possibly Yami Bakura x Ryou and/or Yugi x Ryou) and later on a threesome (Seth x Yami x Kaiba).
Notes: My first attempt at a Yugioh fanfic in years. This is what may become a first in a series of fanfics (related or not) that are based off of YGO RPGs I've played in the past. For years, I've wanted to turn them into fanfics, but I haven't had the drive until now. I may write author notes at the end of chapters to note what was changed or cut out. RPGFA stands for RPG Fanfic Adaption. Hopefully I can finally end my curse of never finishing fanfics.

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If you couldn't tell, I've decided to start reviewing dubbed episodes of 5Ds. I'll stop if people want me to stop.

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Links: Part one -

- I don't know if it's just me, but check 8:04 - 8:22 (part one).

Tanner (Himuro) : *Explains monster*

Old guy (Yanagi): Yugi!

O____O Whaaa....? Wrong series dude!

- The nose hair guy picking his nose is cut. Thank god..... wait, Jack's friends with that loser?! Ew!

- Dub!Brit!Jack is such a dumb blonde. XP He acts stupid while Go(o)dman explains things.

- Speaking of which, Go(o)dman claims they are trying to save the world from the "demon lord". What? Also, Star Dragon King? Gate to the Shadow Realm? I thought the Shadow Realm stuff was only in DM. Was it in the GX dub too?

One thing I hate about the 5Ds dub. Why do they have to have that annoying segment where they explain a single card like we're retarded. It wasn't this bad in DM.


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