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Merry Christmas everyone. I know I have been inactive with this journal back on LJ, but it was mostly because I was too busy with RP and RL. Hopefully I'll get more active with this journal soon, depending on whenever the RPs I'm in move over here or not.

In the meantime though, I'll be trying to make my crappy Christmas so far not so crappy today.
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Finally I'm half-way done with my project. -_-;; A few more months and then I'll be able to play in real games again.

Also, meme~!

You are a Romantic Seme!

A true romantic, you're safest sticking with a partner who is gentle and can appreciate your mature, loving ways and protective nature. Most often found with a handful of roses and wine, you are committed to your partner and their happiness, which makes you a perfect match for the Innocent Uke, who you will dedicate yourself to and lavish with gifts and attention.

Most compatible with: Innocent Uke, Clueless Uke

Least compatible with: Badass Uke, Dramatic Uke

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or find merchandise here.

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I'm sure it wasn't on purpose, but... )

Yeah, it's my newest pup. Thought I try a different fandom. It's rather refreshing really.
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You don't need to read this if you don't want )

In case people wanted an update on my RP hiatus, I'm not any closer to ending it. I'm almost half-way done with my project and it'll take a couple more months to finish it. I may or may not go up to a slowtus/semi-hiatus for [ profile] mayfield_rpg as I really don't wanna character-sit or drop when I've bearly have played there and I know I've been unfair to everyone. =/
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Okay, seriously [ profile] dominomods, what the hell? We've all been waiting over a month to hear from you guys about the activity checks. Are you guys just no longer interested in the RP? Don't you realize you need to put effort into it even after it starts? Especially since it's Yu-Gi-Oh exclusive? There's a good reason why it's dying, you know. Oy! -_-;;


In other news, I sent into an app for [ profile] capeandcowl. We'll see if I get accepted as I got the permission post for [ profile] empathyindeath ready.


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