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I'm gonna make a rant before I lose access to the internet again (our router is broken so only one person can be connected at a time.)

Okay, a couple days ago, I was sent an email from my ex boyfriend (we dated in high school and was together for about five years or so. He broke up with me on October 1st.) This is what he said, and no, I didn't change a single thing here (aside from adding quotation marks obviously):

"I was calling to say I was sory, and that I might wanna try it again. Since it seemed as though you were really effected by us not dating, and so was I. Though since you said for me to fuck off you can not only forget any, and all chance of us talking again. You can roll over on your fat ugly ass and die. You ungrateful bitch. You can die alone playing your dumb role playing games.

Farewell you selfish bitch"

Some hours before he sent that, he called me again even though he said we shouldn't talk anymore for the second time. He wanted to talk, but I said "Fuck you" and hung up on him. You see, after he broke up with me, he has been talking with me in an attempt to "help" me get over him, but it didn't help at all and only made the pain worse. Especially since what we mostly talked about was his new life and how wonderful it is for him since the break-up. How he got new friends from some anime club in downtown Minneapolis. How he got drunk while partying with them. He even mentioned a couple girls he has thought about dating next.

Here was my response:

"Well asshole, if you really cared about me, and wanted to get back together, you wouldn't have said all this shit. And honestly, you had it coming. You've become a completely different person from high school and not the guy I fell in love with, and you've been doing nothing but hurting me for the last couple months. I would have given you another chance sometime in the future when we both were a little older, but now you've fucked up and lost that chance.

Go suck on your dick and die. I hope you never get another girlfriend and if you somehow do, I hope she dumps your ass so you can feel the pain I have felt.

Goodbye, jackass."

He hasn't replied back or called again, but I don't think he will. If he does, I'll just fire back at him. I don't think he will get a dreamwidth account either (he has one on LJ, but I'm not gonna say what it is.)

As long as that asshole leaves me alone, I'll be fine. I just hope he finally gets the hint.



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